Rethinking Indie Film with ‘Layover’ Director Joshua Caldwell


Filmmaker Joshua Caldwell shares a ton of great information in this session from SIFF. He recently completed and released a film called Layover which was made for $6000 (hard costs). I recently watched the film and thought it was impressive, especially given the approach to make it.

I would put this video right alongside the bombshell speech Mark Duplass dropped at SXSW. Both are a must watch for indie filmmakers. What is your film worth? Why do most films lose money? Don’t just think about whether or not your film has an audience, but consider how big it is. Where does data come into play? Is there a problem with how we approach things today? Why should what you don’t have keep you from making something? This video will get your wheels turning!  NOTE: Be sure to check out the links below the video.

UPDATE: Josh has recently directed Be Somebody and his new movie Negative, which releases September 19.

UPDATE 2: Josh recently posted a very candid blog post called “Relative Success In Hollywood.” READ THIS.

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